The Paella Man & Lady

Paella Valenciana is the premiere Paella Catering Company serving San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles and Riverside counties. Serving Southern California since 1977. A native of Spain, Juan Pomares brings his Mamas Paella Recipe alive for all to enjoy. Fondly known as “The Paella Man,” Juan and his family have brought Paella to the region, creating authentic, unique, and aromatic experiences for all events. Now, he is proud to announce that the next generation of Paella Chefs has arrived. His niece, Tanya Rodriguez “The Paella Lady,” now takes ownership of the business continuing to provide the same excellent food and service as always.

Chef Juan was born and educated in Alicante region of Valencia in Spain, the mother and origin of the famous “paella” and was brought up understanding the correct way to cook an authentic delicious Paella. In the 70’s when very few people had even heard of Paella, Juan was introducing it to San Diegans. Chef Tanya, is a native of San Diego, educated at the University of CA, San Diego. She has learned first hand her uncle’s famous Paella Recipe and has made many travels to Spain to learn from her relatives as well.

If you have an upcoming party or occasion and need a good reliable caterer that provides only the best foods then you have come to the right place. At Paella Valenciana, we use only the finest and freshest ingredients. Chef Tanya ensures you will love our Paella. Not only are our Paella’s delicious, but the aroma and resulting anticipation from your guests really adds to a fantastic atmosphere. Located in San Diego California, we will be there, any time, any day to serve you the best paella in the world.

“Our guests all raved about the food, even those who thought they didn’t like paella or had never heard of it. You also were reassuring every step of the way in the planning stages, which we greatly appreciated. Thank you for making our big 70th Birthday/Retirement Party so special.” – Judge Jackie and Mitzi Harrison Hollywood

The traditional Paella has chicken and a variety of seafood items like shrimp, calamari, mussels, clams, escallops, crab, lobster and vegetables like red bell peppers, garlic, tomatoes, green peas…it is cooked with olive oil in a huge skillet called a “paella pan” and the only spice in it is the expensive “saffron”. We can offer you different variations of an authentic Paella and having cooked Paella for San Diegans since 1977, we can advise you on the most popular choices that meet the needs and tastes of all “paella lovers”.

Our San Diego Paella catering services extend to Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Business & Corporate functions, and so much more.

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